Sunday, November 11, 2012

The law is a lousy aphrodisiac.

Early Christianity: a tough gig The Roman Empire was far more hostile than today's world. From Mercator
It was a pornographic culture. Entertainment was all about sex and spectacular violence. Abortion and infanticide were considered a normal part of family life. Adultery was so common that private investigators were among the few growth industries in third-century Rome. It was legal to sexually abuse a slave. It was socially acceptable to sexually abuse children. All the emperors did it. Domitian was considered moderate because he kept only one boy lover. There was great material prosperity in Rome, but no hope, really. People moved from one wine-fueled hookup to the next, but couldn't come up with good reasons to have children. They coddled their pets instead. The emperors saw the demographic crisis coming. They worried about homeland security. So they tried to legislate fertility. But their efforts came to nothing. The law is a lousy aphrodisiac


  1. Not great news for us.  I wonder if history will look back on our 40% of children born to single women and think we found a way to legislate fertility?

    Regards  —  Cliff

  2. I would agree, but we're below the fertility replacement rate.