Thursday, November 8, 2012

Catholics are still against the death penalty.

I say still, I remember back in the 90s, the death penalty and repealing was a big deal within social justice groups. I was pretty young, only 14/15 when it became an interest in being anti-death penalty. I went to the movies in 95' with watch 'Dead Man Walking' and definitely had an impact on my faith as well. Do Democrats really care about the Death Penalty? Maybe the antics of convicted cop killer, Mumia Jamal played a role in the public's disinterest in the repealing it. California is as liberal as Massachusetts, but this election cycle they were unable to repeal the death penalty.
Referendum 34 proposed to replace California's death penalty with a sentence of life in prison without parole. If it passed, the sentences of almost 725 convicted death row inmates would have been reduced to life in prison. It also promised to dedicate $100 million in the state budget for police agencies to solve more homicide and rape cases. The measure failed with 52.8 percent voting against.
Obama could win California, but it couldn't repeal the death penalty?

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