Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Are BabyBoomers sabotaging their children's ability to become an adult?

College Students More Eager for Marriage Than Their Parents Are via Science Daily
"I think parents have a lot of fear for their kids that makes them want to delay the transitions to adulthood," Willoughby said. According to Census data, the median age for first marriages is 27. Willoughby says that what people say is the "right age" generally comes a few years before the actual marriage age. "What happens is that someone thinks that 25 is when they want to get married," Willoughby said. "So at age 25, they start changing their patterns around dating, and it takes two or so years to make the transition."


  1. I recently read where women are some 9% more interested in a happy marriage than in the recent past, but men are some 7% less interested.  Are men going all John Galt on this?

    Regards  —  Cliff

  2. Women desire the flexibility Romney spoke upon, despite backlash. Only way is with a husband, single women do not have such options. Men have seen other men destroyed by divorce and child support issues. A happy marriage is harder then getting a four year degree.