Friday, November 30, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday


My son forgot I had an existence outside of being a stay-at-home- mother, as he actually read the law degree that sits in our dining room. "Juris Doctor" "You're a doctor?" "Yeah, A doctor of law. You know, a lawyer and I went to court all the time." "Oh" He then clings to me, all worried. Apparently he didn't like the idea I worked with criminals, and I informed I worked only on civil cases. He was relieved.


As Catholics, we're for the truth. Right? So when my daughter pressed on knowing how the male sperm cell fuses with the female egg cell, she meant how did the sperm call transfer from the man's body into the woman's. I pulled her aside and told her, 'the penis goes into the vagina'. Poor girl, she's in the lower middle school grades and wishes she was five again and never knew. Younger brother runs up demanding to know, that he could handle the truth. She informs him, 'it's disgusting' and obeys my request not to tell him. And his response, "But disgusting is good!".


Unfortunately, I also speak to them about pro-life issues. Which means I told them abortion was legal. Again I'm don't lie, but I'm fearful of not only traumatizing them about abortion, but also I fear the ridicule we will get for being pro-life.

If one is horrified I would inform my children about abortion, when they ask in detail how it happens. Does it matter if I'm pro-life? If I was pro-choice I would still be morally obligated to teach my children about it either way. No they don't take the baby out and kill it with a gun when my child asked, instead they kill the baby in the womb by cutting it into several pieces and then removing the remains. Do I tell my children the truth and give them the facts, or tell them the bull sh!t that it's all about reproductive freedom?


Why is it, one has all these great thoughts for Quick Takes and then end up lost somewhere on Friday morning?


I remembered the first Sunday of Advent is this Sunday, not last Sunday. Nothing is up for Christmas. Nothing, and I'm actually proud of that.


So my older children want to write to President Obama to demand that abortion should be illegal. I remember being that age, believing the government officials in Washington D.C. were could do anything. "Is President Obama Catholic?" "No., But he's a Christian." "Well, Good he's pro-life!". I didn't comment.


I told my children to start small being pro-life. Start praying for the parishioners of Saint Michael's and the for the people of Lowell, too many of my fellow Catholics and neighbors need to be more pro-life. How can I get the President to be pro-life, when there are people in the pews who have no problem turning the other way when it comes to being openly pro-life?


  1. Honesty is hard with kids. Is it wrong I found it a bit funny that you son thought that they used a gun?

  2. It was hard for them to wrap around their brains with the idea. So naturally 'using a gun' is what you use when the intent is to kill, you don't surgical instruments to kill. Surgical instruments are suppose to save lives.