Friday, November 23, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

1.I haven't done these quick takes in a long time.

2. "Where Have All the Children Gone? from the Weekly Standard. It is rather disturbing that lower birth rates have not been by a woman's choice, but by government programs to curb population control. The article is on South Korea, but some of the government propaganda sounds like what is here in America. Why? Because we're responsible for population control in other parts of the world.

So in 1961, the Planned Parenthood Federation of Korea was established as a joint effort between Koreans and the United States. The new group worked closely with the government to launch a National Family Planning Program, the goal of which was to stop Koreans from having so many babies. It was a multipronged push. There was propaganda, with the government warning citizens, “Unplanned parenthood traps you in poverty” and “Sons or daughters, stop at two and raise them well.” Efforts were made to increase women’s enrollment in high school. Contraceptives were handed out freely to anyone who would take them. Men were exempted from mandatory military service if they submitted to vasectomies. (Wow!)

3. The Pill is being considered to become 'over-the-counter' no prescription or doctor's appointment needed. This is medicine that shuts down your reproductive system, no questions asked. Is a doctor's consultation really too much to ask? Do you think women will go for their annuals now?

Now weeks after the election it should be over-the-counter and women will have to pay the whole cost every month? If people are not using condoms, which are free everywhere, what makes anyone think individuals will use over the counter birth control pills effectively? Condoms only need to be used 'as needed', but women who may not even be in a monogamous sexual relationship will be taking a pill ever day for it to be effective.

It doesn't control birth, it suppresses female sexuality. Yes technically you can have sex with a pregnancy, but at what cost and hassle?

"There is no free lunch...or free shipping."

4.Earlier this year I wrote to my U.S. Representative Niki Tsongas over the mandate issues, her response wasn't great. She reminded me that my life saving mammograms would be covered by my health insurance as well, but now after the election. Now... Mammograms do little to help catch deadly breast cancers, large U.S. study finds

“Instead, we’re diagnosing a lot of something else — not cancer” in that early stage, Bleyer said. “And the worst cancer is still going on, just like it always was.”

5.Contraception only fails in your fertile phase and take sexual intercourse out of the fertile phase you don't get pregnant. Pretty easy concept. And because it is your own reproductive system normally functioning, no side effects, like suppression of important evolutionary pheromones your body releases during ovulation. Really important in attracting a mate.

6.How easy it is to become 'poor'. Scary, just amazingly scary. Frontline's Poor Kids

The thing that really stood out for me, is how much people still want to work. They really, truly do. Everybody I’m meeting. Because we are taking people who have known a better life to a degree. In this film, I’m not looking at the generational poor [or] drug addicts or alcoholics. We’re not looking at people who have already “slipped off the radar,” so to speak, that are also involved in social services and things like that. … These are Americans who maybe not have had the greatest jobs in the world, but they worked, and they tried to make that path for themselves. They tried to climb ladders and get further and follow this dream that you can hit the middle classes by working harder, but they’re seeing it slip away from them. And they are in a point right now where things just haven’t worked out. And because they never got to that level where they’re able to create a proper safety net, it didn't take long for them to fall down to the bottom of the ladder when it went pear-shaped for them.
The comments are nasty though. Basically the poor should be sterilized.

7. I can't wait for the Smoke Stack Christmas Tree I can see from my bedroom window.


  1. Your article excerpts amazed me. What a sad world we live in, and I'm afraid for what the next four years will bring.

  2. The only way we're going to make any headway on the contraception issue is if we change the discussion to get people to realize how empowering it is to have self-knowledge, and how enslaving it is to be dependent on pharmaceuticals to "make sure" you don't get pregnant. It's a big job. I keep praying what I do makes a difference.

  3. @Jammie Girl

    I know, but is it really anything new when we look at it in the context of history?

  4. @kathleen

    Very true, but NFP/lecture needs to be taught in teenage confirmation courses by an instructor. The information is out there, but there is little to no way individuals can properly find. We have a problem with faithful Catholic women, being resistant to the Church's teachings on Natural Family Planning due to the Pharmaceutical marketing. And that is what it is, it's all marketing.