Friday, October 5, 2012

If “Piss Christ” had a (R) next to its name on the ballot, they would vote R over leaving it blank.

I didn't say they should vote Democrat, did I.

I live in Massachusetts, and my fellow Catholics I have to ask why do vote for the other party that treats us like crap?

From Red Mass Group

John Tierney (D) has been running some of the most egregiously false political advertisements in the history of political advertising this political cycle. For instance his latest ad insinuates that Richard Tisei(R) is pro-life. John Tierney, I know Richard Tisei, Richard Tisei is a friend of mine and John Tierney, Richard Tisei is not, has not and will not ever protect the life of the unborn. He's not just pro-choice John, he's borderline Pro-Abortion. After all he did use his state campaign account to donate to the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL), the most rabidly pro-abortion organization in the United States.

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