Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween and thoughts on Hell.

I normally wouldn't read such an article over at the National Catholic Register, about a former Satanist turned Catholic.

Yeah, a Satanist.

It soon brought up thoughts of a commenter on Opine Editorials. I like to keep theology and issues regarding marriage separate, but here and now would be a good time to address the concern. The commenter went by the name, 'Personal Failure', and he/she had a blog with the name 'Forever in Hell'. Who on Earth would anyone have a blog of such nature, I do not want to know. But 'Personal Failure' exists, and has a blog titled 'Forever in Hell', and time to time I, with my full name (Renee Aste) and all, become a target of his/her anger. I will not link to the blog.

The comments on Opine, have little to do with marriage or the concerns of homosexuals in a civil society. It usually become some far fetch accusation, that my understanding of marriage someone becomes an ignorant hate for someone who happens to be gay. A few times, yes a few, I would check out the 'Forever in Hell' blog. On top of the individuals hatred for marriage and me, there were dozens of links to anti-Catholic blogs. There was nothing about gay marriage, nothing about the law, nothing about the concern of children being raised by one's mother and father. There was nothing, but misery.

The sad irony, that the person accusing me of hate, filled the day with hate against the Church. I don't engage in the thought of Hell or Satan, even today the children do dress up scary but it is to mock evil, not the Church. But being a Catholic, by default I acknowledge that Hell is as real as Heaven.

A former satanist recounts her return to the Church, and provides some timely advice about dealing with Halloween.
Despite the momentary power I felt at getting even and receiving all my worldly desires, over time I began to be tormented by the very demons I had sent to torment others. I didn’t know it at the time, but I’ve since learned of this universal law: any demon you summon to harm others, can and will harm you.

I do not deal with demons, and I really try to take a reasoned approach to everything in the natural world. Yet, something with "Personal Failure" haunts me, as this person isn't just being an obnoxious troll, but really spiritually trapped somehow.

Tomorrow, I will pray for that person, whoever Personal Failure is.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday, October 5, 2012

If “Piss Christ” had a (R) next to its name on the ballot, they would vote R over leaving it blank.

I didn't say they should vote Democrat, did I.

I live in Massachusetts, and my fellow Catholics I have to ask why do vote for the other party that treats us like crap?

From Red Mass Group

John Tierney (D) has been running some of the most egregiously false political advertisements in the history of political advertising this political cycle. For instance his latest ad insinuates that Richard Tisei(R) is pro-life. John Tierney, I know Richard Tisei, Richard Tisei is a friend of mine and John Tierney, Richard Tisei is not, has not and will not ever protect the life of the unborn. He's not just pro-choice John, he's borderline Pro-Abortion. After all he did use his state campaign account to donate to the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL), the most rabidly pro-abortion organization in the United States.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

If “Piss Christ” had a (D) next to its name on the ballot, they would vote D over leaving it blank.

I didn't say they should vote Republican, did I.

I live in Massachusetts, and my fellow Catholics I have to ask why do stay loyal to a party that treats us like crap?

Why are you more loyal to a political party, then you are to God?

Do you trust a political party more then God?

I'm not trying to push anyone away from God, but from observation this is a concern as a fellow Catholic.

Lady Gaga, I do.

Creative Minority Report: Lady Gaga Says Nobody Cares About Pope's View of Marriage

I know your fame is based on misrepresenting the Church teachings to your fanbase, the Church loves gay people. Got it. Human sexuality is based on a two-sex reproductive system. Male and female, designed for heterosexual behavior. We all have a mom and dad.

We have free will to care or not to care. I care, it is worth considering.