Friday, September 14, 2012

The idea young women have control over their bodies is a myth, their parents have a lot of say.

This isn't about abstinence, this is about birth control. Not sure how many women would want their parents to pressure them to use long term birth control, that they can not stop or remove without seeking medical intervention.

Parents Prefer Some, Often Less-Effective Birth Control Methods for Teens via Science Daily

If it's a young woman's body, it's then HER BODY, who care what her parents preferences are? I've NEVER had this conversation with my mom. And I wouldn't want to, if I was old enough for sex I could handle my own birth control. (And I did)

Cori Baill, M.D., a board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist and former member of the national medical committee for Planned Parenthood, noted that parents' disapproval of long-acting contraceptive methods may also reflect U.S. historical events around the Dalkon shield, which the paper didn't mention. The Dalkon shield was an aggressively marketed IUD with considerable safety problems. "IUDs aren't accepted in the U.S. for many reasons, across all ages, concerning societal attitudes towards medicine and the memory of the Dalkon shield," said Baill. However, she commented, parents need to understand that the risk of pregnancy outweighs the risk of any contraceptive method, including the IUD.

A woman's reproductive right to health care, or a woman's mother controlling her daughter's body determining when she will or will not have a baby???The parents do not have to understand the risks, it is the young woman that does.

Pregnancy is not a normal, natural, and healthy product of sexual intercourse.... instead it is a great risk.

I will teach my children how both genders work biologically, and yes I will teach them about Natural Family Planning. The greatest benefit of NFP is I'm NOT FORCING MY DAUGHTER OR SON to do anything. I just teach.

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