Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Soul-Crushing Scorched-Earth Battle for Gay Marriage By Robert Oscar Lopez

The title of the article sums it well...

What the heck has this movement come to?

For God's sake, I am a bisexual raised by a lesbian couple, who helped countless people dying of AIDS. I've spent my life cleaning up the messes left by gay politics. I wrote an honest essay. That's bashing?

The gay marriage movement has finally crossed the line into insanity. They must burn their own villages to save them from their phantasmal bullies. All the real things that gays could do to improve their real problems are right before their eyes: be humane to one another, forgive others, care for their most needy, and most of all, pick their battles. Support pro-life politicians and adopt foster kids saved from abortion. Vote for Republicans who believe in school vouchers, get bullied gays into safer schools... But they choose not to. They have dedicated themselves to a scorched-earth campaign for gay marriage. And when that war is won, they will have conquered a wasteland. I wonder what Eliot would have to say.

Let us not forget that the LGBT community abounds in emergencies. Here is a snapshot of gay male life in 2010, as I wrote for an article that I ended up not publishing:
Meanwhile, gay men were not necessarily becoming happier simply because taboos crumbled and it was easier for them to have sex. Eating disorders, suicide, depression, and addiction were higher among gay and bisexual men than among other groups. In 2010, a report by the Center for Disease Control revealed that men who had sex with men were still contracting HIV at 44 times the rate of other men-despite decades of activism by a muscular and highly visible gay movement.
Are any of these real emergencies going to be solved by legalizing gay marriage? Wait -- before you take too long to deliberate about it, I'll cut to the answer: no.
They've gone to his employer and contacted is fellow co-workers.

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