Tuesday, August 21, 2012

No you can't magically 'shut down' ovulation.

Stress is a contributing factor, but a woman can not by choice postpone ovulation. You can only monitor and observe fertility patterns. The Science of Mucus
Even a perfectly healthy woman with perfect fertility may occasionally experience a delayed ovulation during times of high stress or if she becomes ill during the pre-ovulatory phase, even if fertile mucus production has already begun. If this is the case, the mucus may dry up temporarily without reaching a true Peak, or mucus production may simply continue for a few extra days before proceeding to a Peak. Therefore, it is important to learn to recognize a real Peak pattern and be alert to signs that ovulation has not yet occurred. A true Peak is usually characterized by a minimum of three days of fertile-type mucus that displays a changing, developing pattern ending in a slippery sensation, changing abruptly to a sensation of dryness or dampness. If ovulation is delayed by illness or stress and mucus production stops, it will usually resume within a few days of recovery.

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