Sunday, August 12, 2012

I ate at this Chick-fil-a on Saturday

UPDATE: Local gay community groups denounced vandalism in Frederick. Also I read an article from two weeks ago, they seemed very level headed in why they choose to boycott. They had little interest in bothering anyone, just speaking that they felt CFA gave a portion of their profits to anti-gay groups and wanted people to know.

I disagree with what is or isn't anti-gay, but I'm glad to see civil engagement over disrespect for private property.


Maryland Chick-fil-A restaurant vandalized

This CFA is located in a busy commercial strip with lots of traffic to view speech and large public spaces to protest. No need to vandalized.

I was down in MD for a wedding, and yes it was a big deal to eat at one. We ate at two of them down there, they were busy, super nice, and the food was good.

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