Thursday, August 30, 2012

No, this is not from 'The Onion'

Planned Parenthood Activist: GOP Women Are "Baby-Making Machines" |

No, we're human beings. Not a machine. But if you were to ask me what is the biological function of our reproductive organs, it would be to make babies.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Does she know some Democrats consider themselves pro-life

as some Republicans consider themselves pro-choice. Ellen Barkin re-tweeted this.

One third of all Democrats identify themselves as pro-life and I can assume that many support the public policy the brings man and woman as a household unit even if we can't call it specifically marriage either.

Good luck with the new show NBC.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Now if a Catholic made this argument.

Semen: Nature's antidepressant? - The Week

Over at 1flesh, this subject came up.

Condoms may reflect the casualness of the relationship, which may be depressing.

Why Internet Memes do not work

Noam Chomsky has worked at one the most expensive universities and resides in Lexington Massachusetts. He can speak on behalf of all the lefist policies he wishes, it doesn't seem he has willingly made sacrifices in his personal comfort for it. He is one of the 1%. I do give him credit for not endorsing Obama.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Short Form

 Eph 5:2a, 25-32

Brothers and sisters:
Live in love, as Christ loved us.
Husbands, love your wives,
even as Christ loved the church
and handed himself over for her to sanctify her,
cleansing her by the bath of water with the word,
that he might present to himself the church in splendor,
without spot or wrinkle or any such thing,
that she might be holy and without blemish.
So also husbands should love their wives as their own bodies.
He who loves his wife loves himself.
For no one hates his own flesh
but rather nourishes and cherishes it,
even as Christ does the church,
because we are members of his body.
For this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother
and be joined to his wife,
and the two shall become one flesh.
This is a great mystery,
but I speak in reference to Christ and the church.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Clarifying the Facts: NFP Teacher Responds to Congressman Todd Akin

Clarifying the Facts: NFP Teacher Responds to Congressman Todd Akin Yes, stress can postpone ovulation in a woman and extended stress may create an anovulatory cycle, if she has not yet ovulated. When I chart my cycle for Natural Family Planning, I note stress (i.e. parent being hospitalized). Akin perverted two issues in one gaffe, he minimized the trauma of rape and then cited the biological response to stress to dismiss the question at hand. Women, especially if they have just ovulated and the egg is in the viable stage of 12-24 hours for conception indeed can and do get pregnant from rape.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Over at Althouse, I had a conversation about Akin. I was under tbe impression that Akin distorted the fact stress may and can postpone ovulation preventing pregnancy. But I offered some of the information, and people thought what I posted to be nothing like what Akin stated.

Akin's statement made no sense, that we were all guessing at what he really meant. 

No you can't magically 'shut down' ovulation.

Stress is a contributing factor, but a woman can not by choice postpone ovulation. You can only monitor and observe fertility patterns. The Science of Mucus
Even a perfectly healthy woman with perfect fertility may occasionally experience a delayed ovulation during times of high stress or if she becomes ill during the pre-ovulatory phase, even if fertile mucus production has already begun. If this is the case, the mucus may dry up temporarily without reaching a true Peak, or mucus production may simply continue for a few extra days before proceeding to a Peak. Therefore, it is important to learn to recognize a real Peak pattern and be alert to signs that ovulation has not yet occurred. A true Peak is usually characterized by a minimum of three days of fertile-type mucus that displays a changing, developing pattern ending in a slippery sensation, changing abruptly to a sensation of dryness or dampness. If ovulation is delayed by illness or stress and mucus production stops, it will usually resume within a few days of recovery.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Forgive me

My concern should be for the victims of rape, not how an individual may judge natural family planning and understand the affects of stress on delayed ovulation. St. Maria Goretti, Pray for us.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

I'm scared to write this post.

Oh my: Missouri GOP Senate nominee says victims of ‘legitimate rape’ don’t get pregnant; Update: ‘A Torricelli situation’? | Twitchy

After 10 years of using Natural Family Planning, stress is a factor in postponing ovulation or having an anovulatory cycle. I've read even stress from moving can delay ovulation, so always note such events in a chart  Rape is trauma and causes stress. Pregnancy or abortion from rape is very uncommon. It exists, but in the scope os pregnancies and abortions very very rare.

The Congressman stated a factual truth.

There I did it, I defended some of the factual aspects of his statements. I feel totally screwed.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Pill destroys not only your libido, but your rhythym.

Lawyers should be serious about the law.

The Opine Editorials: Lawyers Mocking Marriage

"This lawyer mocks Christians, he just doesn't disagree with in a respectful jurist manner. Instead he openly mocks Christian understanding why a relationship between a man and a woman should be something and its significance. Even though protected speech, it ultimately becomes very hurtful/hateful, the intent is to despise a group of people not simply disagree in difference on what should be considered marriage and why. The lawyer even acknowledges the unborn child of the bride, but instead of recognizing that the groom creating a legal obligation, the laywer makes fun of what he is wearing (and their pregnancy)."

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Soul-Crushing Scorched-Earth Battle for Gay Marriage By Robert Oscar Lopez

The title of the article sums it well...

What the heck has this movement come to?

For God's sake, I am a bisexual raised by a lesbian couple, who helped countless people dying of AIDS. I've spent my life cleaning up the messes left by gay politics. I wrote an honest essay. That's bashing?

The gay marriage movement has finally crossed the line into insanity. They must burn their own villages to save them from their phantasmal bullies. All the real things that gays could do to improve their real problems are right before their eyes: be humane to one another, forgive others, care for their most needy, and most of all, pick their battles. Support pro-life politicians and adopt foster kids saved from abortion. Vote for Republicans who believe in school vouchers, get bullied gays into safer schools... But they choose not to. They have dedicated themselves to a scorched-earth campaign for gay marriage. And when that war is won, they will have conquered a wasteland. I wonder what Eliot would have to say.

Let us not forget that the LGBT community abounds in emergencies. Here is a snapshot of gay male life in 2010, as I wrote for an article that I ended up not publishing:
Meanwhile, gay men were not necessarily becoming happier simply because taboos crumbled and it was easier for them to have sex. Eating disorders, suicide, depression, and addiction were higher among gay and bisexual men than among other groups. In 2010, a report by the Center for Disease Control revealed that men who had sex with men were still contracting HIV at 44 times the rate of other men-despite decades of activism by a muscular and highly visible gay movement.
Are any of these real emergencies going to be solved by legalizing gay marriage? Wait -- before you take too long to deliberate about it, I'll cut to the answer: no.
They've gone to his employer and contacted is fellow co-workers.

"Speaking of pigs..."

Freakonomics » Speaking Ill of the Dead Apparently Okay if the Dead Worked for Chick-fil-A

An opinion piece in the New York Times called out a recently deceased executive of CFA as 'a pig'. One can be called lots of things online, especially anonymous, but to see it in print by a reputable person caught eye of one of the authors of Freakonomics.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The President's pandering

I have a hard time watching TV due to the pandering by President Obama. Women claiming reproductive health is a number one priority and Romeny doesn't care about women's reproductive health.

What they mean is that birth control MUST be free without exemption, and that women (and men) bear no financial responsibility for contraception and sterilization.

My fellow sisters, if you're biggest worry in public policy is a freebie on the dime of the health insurance pool, then count your blessings you've never been ill.

Consider this, even Elizabeth Warren is addressing real issues like the burdening of student debt. Debt prevents young adults from being independent and being able to pay for their own needs (like family planning) or even have a baby or two.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

I ate at this Chick-fil-a on Saturday

UPDATE: Local gay community groups denounced vandalism in Frederick. Also I read an article from two weeks ago, they seemed very level headed in why they choose to boycott. They had little interest in bothering anyone, just speaking that they felt CFA gave a portion of their profits to anti-gay groups and wanted people to know.

I disagree with what is or isn't anti-gay, but I'm glad to see civil engagement over disrespect for private property.


Maryland Chick-fil-A restaurant vandalized

This CFA is located in a busy commercial strip with lots of traffic to view speech and large public spaces to protest. No need to vandalized.

I was down in MD for a wedding, and yes it was a big deal to eat at one. We ate at two of them down there, they were busy, super nice, and the food was good.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Controling teenage girls bodies

IUDs: the final solution for teen pregnancy?

I do not own my daughter's body, I have a responsiblity to teach and educator her about her body. Shoving an IUD up her vagina , so I can sleep worry free about not being a grandmother is NOT parenting.

At Department of Children and Families, teenagers are treated with more dignity then this. There is a point in which a social worker should respect their sexual decisions and a time to step in and discuss the issue. What a social worker can NOT do is coerce a teen into birth control or threaten to take away services or education if they do not comply using birth control.

Sex education/health is not birth control management, it is a conversation about adult relationships, emotional and biological.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fear of being 'chalked'

I remember the use of chalk, mostly from college. While I never really agreed with the messages that were written along the path back and forth to class, I only remember the message of one of support of a cause and never a personal attack on anyone. They were annoying, but it was to a general audience and not permanent to property.

This past week two Chick-fil-a's were tagged with hate, a permanent marker, that required cleanup. The defense for one artist was that it was a protest, he still needs to pay for the clean up. If anything he will be more admired in is small niche, who may think what he did was courageous.

Graffiti is bad no matter what, but if it was in an urban area we take graffiti as if it was litter, it destroys the whole community. It hurts everyone. It demoralizes us. It says our community as a whole is not to be respected and to be defaced.

Freedom of speech is important, and when people take advantage of our freedoms to peacefully and without malice to protest a disagreement with publicity stunts such as tagging property, it takes away everyone's right to speak. Restrictions will be placed to stop graffiti (temporary or permanent), but it may push back an individuals ability to even be adjacent to private property when in protest. In Massachusetts we have 30 foot protest boundaries around abortion clinics to protect them from protests. Should we have 30 foot boundaries for every business?

Chalking on public sidewalks, I'm sure has it protections. Now though, how personalize and sad it has turned.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Discussing marriage is more then a 'like' or 'retweet'

Cross Post from Opine

Not sure how much of the social media/Internet meme conversations I can take. I'm glad I don't have to and I work offline face to face in support of families. It is rather bizarre, here I'm using terms like reunification, stabilization, and preservation of the family to help a mother and father parent together, but no specific relationship or any sort of policy that can bring them together as one legal recognized family unit.

So when you 'click like' or 'retweet' on all those lovely Internet Memes, it changes the conversation that marriage is about something else. Issues of public policy should not be reduced to gif images with a slogan or 140 characters that makes no sense in the context of reality. The points you just agreed with me two minutes ago, are now all of sudden something about hate and ignorance or unjust discrimination. Everything I may have said in a reasonable manner is erased, once I state the public policy interest in marriage was once about a child should live and be raised with its mother and father.

Anyone who knows me offline, knows who I am and they know I'm not that type of person that is characterize online by those who promote what is defined as 'marriage equality'. They know I'm not an ignorant bigot. The know I'm thoughtful and I listen, and that I care.

Despite everything some people know who I am and what I am not, I fear they will soon if they haven't already no longer associate themselves with me. I may lose people I care about offline, because I can't deny what I see and know when I'm not sitting in front of the screen.

There is an understanding we want a mother and father to parent and parent well together in a safe and loving manner, in fact it is their Constitutional Right to do so. Even if we can't make a law about it, can we have a word for that?

Renee Aste, Lowell Massachusetts