Monday, July 30, 2012

85% of children living in povery in Boston come from single parent homes

The Opine Editorials: The Measure of Poverty (in Boston)

Married or not, a mother and father are still legally obligated to their children, but we don't see the best results if they are not married. Hence I still stand by the one man/one woman definition of marriage.

I guess I will have to accept my punishment for this secular heresy for these thoughts of 'hate'.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

And yes, you and I will pay.

Health-care tab for 22 retirees? It's $500G in Billerica -

Not surprised either. Towns and cities can raise co-pays and deductables EXCEPT of course on birth control.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Somethings will always matter, even if we try to ignore it.

Yes, Another cross posting from Opine

As I search for news items regarding marriage or more importantly the need for mothers and fathers, the fewer and fewer items I find over the years. It just isn’t talk about in public, instead I find plenty of news articles on the other definition even though I’m not directly searching for that issue.

Our DNA, the chemical reactions that lead to human life through sexual activity. All designed in perfect sequence and out bodies and our connections made found in every cell matter. We may choose to ignore this. We may even value the willful ignorance of this knowledge. We might shut down speech with heckling and name calling even. The importance of family to our species is the new taboo.

We know it matters and yet it can not be openly discussed. Yet the most popular posting on Opine isn’t the thread of 200+ comments, instead it quietly stands out of the crowd. It doesn’t need to scream or call people names, it doesn’t force or threaten anyone.

The post just an information piece, that everyone inquires about at one point in their life, even if they never marry or have children. The post stands on its own.

Renee Aste Lowell Massachusetts