Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cross Comment from Opine

A comment of mine... I have a few.
We don't want 'fatherhood to end at conception'. We want to bring not just egg and sperm together, but mother and father, as one in marriage (or insert new name, if we can't use marriage). This isn't an insult to anyone not married or an act of bigotry to someone who isn't interested in the opposite sex, it's a matter of reality and need for the individual conceived out of the act.
At DCF in Massachusetts, there is a hierarchy. First Birth Parents, whenever possible we want to reunite children with THEIR OWN parents. Then family. Then non-biological. As must as I support these wonderful services, I understand children not living with their parents is not a wonderful thing. Even relatives and foster parents, gay or straight understand this. Foster parents, related or not, gay or straight, realize there is a hole in a child's heart that needs to grieve. We shouldn't take advantage of a child's lost, to push our own interests. The type of person who does foster care is a much different person, who would use sperm/egg donation. They're not in it for 'family building' to serve their needs, but to serve others. We all have two parents, a mother and a father, it makes it easy for the child and the government/community when they live under the same roof without conflict. Even though we can't call it marriage, in Massachusetts, that is how it is applied for children naturally conceived.

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