Thursday, May 17, 2012

Another Opine Posting

Current thoughts living in Massachusetts
Our views of deteriorating view on marriage didn’t happen over night. The ideal of marriage solves the inequality for the child. It gives equal access to both one’s maternal and paternal parent. This is not homophobic in its reasoning or based on hatred.
If marriage is no longer about a biological mother and father need to live with one another and raise their own children together, then what is this nameless concept and why can it not have a name?
Right now living in Massachusetts, I’m in the minority on this view of marriage. Only 30-35% agree with my view. Some people tell me to keep my views to myself, because there isn’t anything I can do about it and none of my business. Most people worry about the social ramifications and personal safety, they worry that someone will totally flip out on me. So am I supposed to agree with gay marriage out of fear someone might harass me or do something stupid?
Minorities are not marrying at lower and lower rates, maybe our marriage public policy/culture have become racist towards them. No? But should we acknowledge the lower rates? Minorities desire higher rates, so what are the barriers when they are completely legally free to marry? There is no legal barrier preventing them. If minorities choose not to marry, why is it everyone else’s problem? Anyone? Please answer.
And yes in accordance with Catholic teaching, "Men are friends, not spouses."

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