Thursday, April 12, 2012

What does it mean to "live in sin"?

I regularly read "Dear Wendy". I don't comment, because it is apparent how completely different my life is compared to the average reader there.

5 Tips to Peacefully ‘Live in Sin’ (and not totally alienate your religious parents…)

You love your parents. You love God. You love your boyfriend. Love is good, so why not just get married. For this talk about love, which is sincere, why then do you deny the full acknowledgement of it? Out of love, she denies herself marriage? Someone help me follow this without any relative moralistic meaningless cliches.

Really you're just lying to yourself, and upset your parents won't play along.

She claims it is between her and God, but God made it pretty clear what He wants from us. He gave us the gift of marriage, and what is she stating somehow her relationship is too good for marriage. Because that's what she is actually saying.

Marriage: It turns water into wine.

Mosaic of Jesus at Cana in Cappadocia

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