Sunday, April 1, 2012

Well it is Palm Sunday, and Vice President Biden says I'm 'out of touch'.

As I enter into Holy Week, I'm faced with our Catholic Vice President Joseph Biden stating (via CBS NEWS)
"I just find it remarkable that the argument is even taking place," Biden said. "I think it's totally out of touch with reality and totally out of touch with what the Independents." The vice president also said it violates "the right of women to decide for themselves, whether or not they want to use contraception."
Women have every right to decide for themselves, there is no 'War on Women'. There is no banning or outlawing of contraception. Women have access for it, and are willing to pay reasonable prices for their family planning. This is about Our First Amendment Rights to the practice of religion. The only institution that is forcing someone else do something against their conscience is Our government forcing the Catholic Church to cover the financial cost contraception. It's Palm Sunday. I should be happy, but right now well this makes sad and horrible.

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