Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pardon the implied profanity...

Yes, I feel like a broken record.

I may be out of touch with President Obama, but one thing I'm not out of touch with is my body. Unfortunately I'm so in touch with my body, it will make a person blush. Heck, it makes be blush that I don't think i could speak publicly about it.

My husband and I have some interesting conversations since we're currently still avoiding. It's definitely a lot of heads up planning, the fact I think we have to plan to be together, is what actually encourages us to be together. The downside for any person with permanent/long term birth control is the burden of not be using it to the fullest extent. If I was taking a birth control pill for nothing or have an IUD inserted in me for nothing, I guess I wouldn't be seeing it as medicine, but a burden.

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