Monday, April 2, 2012

Kennedy and Catholics

40 years of difference...

Over at Richard Howe's blog, Marie Sweeney highlights the use of Franciscan Retreat Center over in Andover. There are photographs of Rose Kennedy, campaign on behalf of Ted Kennedy.

Meanwhile Ted Kennedy's wife is unable to speak at commencement at Anna Maria College due to the positions she supported along with her late husband, Ted Kennedy.

Here is a comment.

While I don’t have all the facts, and certainly your points have merit, your final line I think speaks to what the Church is trying to clarify. It is time for the Catholic Church and her affiliate institutions; schools, hospitals, charities to remain steadfast in what they believes is right. While the horse may be out of the barn (ie Ted Kennedy should have been sternly reprimanded by the Church, his widow is non the less only speaking because she is, in fact, his widow). By her own admission, she holds no office and is no public figure, but if she is not pro-life then they should find a speaker who is. what you are witnessing is a sea change within the Church. When the Obama care mandate for birth control became non exempt for religious affiliates, the Church finally realized its very existence is being challenged and marginilized by the federal government.

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