Friday, April 20, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

1. Another parish in Boston closes after a seven year vigil, about 70 parishioners were attempting to keep it open.

2. Meanwhile 54,000 attend an open house at Fenway.

3.Can you figure out we have a problem worshiping sports here in Massachusetts.

4. There are other forms of love, other then marriage. Friendship.

Our culture’s hostility to friendship and our ugly tendency to reduce it to eros or mere animal sexual desire is even more acute and destructive when it comes to friendships between people of the same sex. It is now routine to declare that any close friendship between two persons of the same sex is “really” homoerotic. This blind insistence on casting all friendships in the mold of eros is soul-crushing, because it short-circuits the truly vital and nourishing role that true friendship plays in a healthy human life.

5. Consumerism Leads to Depression, Study Finds

According to new a study from Northwestern University, people who place hight value on wealth, status, and material possessions may actually be the most depressed and anti-social among us. In other words, those most prone to trying to buy happiness in the form of stuff are probably more likely to experience an emotion quite the opposite.

6.Contraception Isn’t Healthcare; It Isn’t Even Helpful

The controversy is not about medical treatment for women like me. It is about who pays for contraception for women like Sandra Fluke. Even those groups that oppose contraception will pay for contraceptives if there is an established medical reason. So again, those “poor women” like me who would, unlike me, accept contraception as a treatment, we are covered. And while I insist that it is an injustice that real treatments for female ailments don’t exist for women like myself (forcing me to find my own solutions at my own expense) I never complained about having to pay for my own healthcare.

7.BTW I use NFP.

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