Saturday, March 17, 2012

Stop believing in God, just take a pill, and give me your money instead!

Read this over at the National Catholic Register, a blog post by Mark Shea. A lovely (sarcasm) piece from the 'Freedom from Religion Foundation' ranting against the Catholic Church asking liberal/nominal Catholics* to leave their 'incensed fogged rituals', as an advertisement in the New York Times. They totally fail to bother to study what the Church teaches (it's all online), which is simply states to understand and respect the sexual nature of our bodies. The teachings of the Church are not oppressive, unless you think the knowledge of our natural biological function of our bodies to be oppressive. As noted in a previous post, the war isn't against the Church (while it may be a symbol), those who rail against it are instead against nature.

And yes, I do find it funny at the bottom of their complaint they ask for money as they spread their self-serving gospel. They're no dummies, but not sure about the people who actually donate to them?

*Remember, We're all Catholics.

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