Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"The Secret Lives of Women (Who Don't Use Contraception)"

Jennifer Fulwiler writes on the the recent events, and in turn over the past decade I've come to the conclusion that contraception is well anti-woman.


Brainwashed by the Church, one might easily conclude for anyone who rejects contraception. Fulwiler comes across this passage written by a feminist.

Our biology reduced us to a kind of chattel...
There it was, at least the author wasn't blaming the Church or anyone else. The author was not hating men or God, but herself. She hated that fact she could bear children, and the obligations held to her own blood. She hated the way she was born, the ability to give life. She wasn't cursing Eve, but instead cursing Darwin.

You can't control nature, but by all means you can work with it.

The Catholic Church gives a woman knowledge, the government mandates a pill.

Which is more controlling?

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