Thursday, March 15, 2012

Obama loses another Catholic

"Joanne McPortland gives it to him with both barrels, more in sorrow than in anger." -Mark Shea

It's March and I'm Mad, Mr President

You have managed this really well from your end, manufacturing a "war on women"--Catholics want women to be pregnant or die!--while waging war on the First Amendment. I sometimes wish the Catholic bishops hadn't jumped at the bait, too (because I truly don't think this is the hill we want to die on), but you knew they would, and knew that Catholics are already hated enough (for our own sins, in too many cases) in this country to make dissing us equal an automatic double-digit bump in your popularity stats. That's my biggest disappointment--that you're nothing but a Chicago pol after all.

So I can't love that you're here, and I can no longer love election season, this poli sci minor's usual idea of heaven. See, there's no way I can vote for you, because as Nancy Pelosi, the Lady Macbeth of Catholics, says, I have "that conscience thing." And I sure as hell can't vote for any one of the Republicans or anyone else out there, because they're no closer to being what Americans need and what my Church teaches me is truly just and enlightened leadership than you are. You've disenfranchised me, Sir, and that's one sin I just can't forgive.

A reader's comment on her blog

I love your honesty. I am a registered Democrat for 44 years because I have believed in many of their policies in the past. I got turned off by how they treated Gov. Casey at the convention but hung in there. Now I hang in as a thorn in their side since I believe they have betrayed what it really meant to be a Democrat. I pray and hope for a return to the values of the party but haven't been able to vote for either major parties in years. Time to change the system and the process. It has all become too insane and unreal!

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