Monday, March 12, 2012

No such thing as a Catholic in Name Only

We’ve have labeled other Catholics, usually politicians with such a term. Simcha Fisher, over at the National Catholic Register spoke on ‘Catholic Jezzies’ from the website Jezebel, which is owned by the media outlet, Gawker. Catholics, who dislike everything about the Church, but still want to be Catholic. We have to remember these Catholics have been baptized and have not converted to any other religion. They are still Catholics.

From Simcha Fisher

This is a phenomenon which has always baffled me: Catholic-hating Catholics who continue to call themselves Catholic long after they’ve shed every discernible manifestation of their faith. What the heck is in it for them? ….But they always drift back. Without even thinking about it, they instinctively like to be in the place where they get fed.

There have been points in my past, where I was anything but Catholic in practice, but I held on to that identity as I apologized for being Catholic.

“I’m Catholic, but…”

Sounds familiar?

We’re all Catholics. No buts, no ifs, no maybes, and no “in name only”s.

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