Monday, March 19, 2012

I will pay.

A bill for my son's emergency room/overnight visit.

I will no longer see paying co-pays, deductables, and out-of-pocket expenses as a responsibility I have for the cost of health care (in addidtion to the premimiums I pay). I now see these addidtional costs are there to ensure that the other funds from the insurance pool are to cover a woman's federally mandated right to free contraception. 


  1. 1)  Ouch!

    2)  Good point.

    Regards  —  Cliff

  2. Cliff,

    Where else in this world, can I call up my pediatrician with a sick child and NOT ONLY be seen within three hours BUT also have prescription in had for an antibiotic from the pharmacy in my neighborhood?

    Annual visits and specialists do take a few weeks for a non-urgent issues, still they're here.

    That costs money.

    I'm willing to pay a sick co-pay and a prescription co-pay, and out of pocket for over the counter health items.

    Why is contraception/sterilization getting this special status, if it is just health care like everything thing else?