Saturday, March 17, 2012

Every part of our body serves a purpose, what is philosophically and scientifically wrong with the HHS mandate

Every part of our body serves a purpose, in evolution it's called an adaptation. Currently society may tell us all aspects of our fertility is a nuisance and an inconvenience. The President's HHS mandate is enforcing this ideal that it is essential to women's health to teach that fertility in its natural state shouldn't exist as a normal regular function!

Homo-sapiens are the only species who attempts to undo/destroy their adaptations. It's not the good I see in nature, that re-enforces my Catholic faith but this twisted ability for human-kind to royally mess things up for some short-term goal, with long term consequences. Just think of our financial bubble/economic collapse!

Ovulation doesn't exist just to get a woman pregnant, it serves a purpose long before we even consider having a child with a man. Long before this, as in the first time we have a conversation with a man.

How a Fertile Woman Affects the Way Men Talk from Time Magazine

Jacqueline Coyle, an adjunct professor
of human factors and systems at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, followed 123 male undergraduate students who interacted with five female undergraduate students at various points throughout the women’s menstrual cycles. The women, whose menstrual cycles were tracked, weren’t relying on hormonal contraception.

In the study, a man and woman alternated describing a picture to one another. The woman used a script in order to help researchers more clearly see how men’s sentence structure correlated with women’s. Where a woman was in her monthly menstrual was also noted.

The closer to ovulation a woman was in her cycle, the less likely a man was to mimic her sentence structure. “This finding demonstrates that men may use creative or non-conforming language as a means of attracting a potential romantic partner,” says Coyle....

“Many people in the general population may not realize that the effects of a woman’s fertility level go well beyond chocolate cravings, moodiness, and one’s chances of conception.”

Being a woman is not a disease, while there is a war on woman but it isn't the Catholic Church that is waging it.

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