Tuesday, September 2, 2014

"Inter-generational Kinship Cohesion"

I had the intentions of writing an actual post, instead of just copying and pasting, but I'm overwhelming depressed at our society's attitude towards this ideal. 
 Amazing how we turned family ideals/public policy from the goal of intergenerational cohesiveness to the an issue of government statuses irrelevant to any community interest but instead abstract concepts of privacy/equality within less an decade. A lot of the links I share are not pro-marriage, but adult adoptee/sperm-egg donor who are demanding their rights (despite educated, not in poverty). What I find disturbing that whether affluent or disadvantage, everyone thinks STEM & piano lessons is all a child needs to succeed and that money (not cohesion) is the only difference. -Renee Aste September 1, 2014 Facebook

"But where success occurred, it was often passed down, through family resources or networks simply out of reach of most of the disadvantaged." -Washington Post (August 29, 2014) 

" Other data indicated that these very same regular family dinners, yearly vacations, and holiday celebrations occur more frequently in families that have high levels of cohesiveness and that they contribute to the development of a strong sense of what we have called the intergenerational self. It is this intergenerational self and the personal strength and moral guidance that seem to derive from it that are associated with increased resilience, better adjustment, and improved chances of good clinical and educational outcomes." The Stories That Bind Us: What Are the Twenty Questions? Huffington Post May 2013

Just saw an internet meme that reference that anyone that defends anthropological marriage as an 'asshole'. So I'm guess I will use "Inter-genertational Kinship Cohesion" as an alternative, but somehow I'm sure if I don't make an exemption for those who want to circumvent this I will be labeled something terrible. 


Thursday, August 28, 2014

7QT Politics at the Dinner Table

More quick links at Jen's Conversion Diary (On Friday)

1. It's been several weeks sine I even posted anything on the blog. Being with the kids all summer, didn't give me an opportunity to really sit down and write anything. Truth is I don't have anything new to write about. Other then we have Market Basket back, as of Wednesday at 10pm. 

2. Of all the subjects to be interested in, which is/was marriage (depending on your view) I find myself sadden how conversations can not be held as we use to. In a decade's worth of time, anthropological concepts of kinship and family structure now hold NO RATIONAL basis in legal terms. This is pretty depressing, considering I have a law degree and passed the Bar. (Yeah, my status is currently inactive and I do not practice.)

3. I does feel good that I'm doing something about it. It will be four years this October, that I will be volunteering with Massachusetts Department of Children and Families in their Foster Care Review Unit.  Children have a legal right to be raised by their parents, as a matter of public policy we support parents, if parents can not raise their children then we prioritize supporting kinship placements. FAMILY! 

4. Before law school, I majored in political science. I grew up watching the news and discussing it at the dinner table. It is something that I have refrained from doing sadly. Due to media technologically, the media can show graphic images. While I support the need for this form of journalism, I can not at this point subject the kids to it and also subject myself to it for lengthened amounts of time. The whole way we speak about public policy matters has become so twisted. The polarization of tribal political warfare is amazing. 

 "We're not worry about that child, his/her is involved." -Social Worker. Almost every time is involved, this conclusion is made. From Twitter.

"I believe violence is not just because of guns. It ties into education and the family. We need proactive approach,"From Twitter (candidate for political office)
'I pose to men the origin of their first, and perhaps second, reason for existing.” Leonardo Da Vinci “The Copulation” (Not Twitter)

Is that Jello, she is serving? I hope it isn't dinner.

Friday, August 8, 2014

7QT What if your local supermarket closed?

More Quick Takes at Jen's Conversion Diary

Places we may never go again. The mall, the movie theater, the moon & .

2. Well Market Basket isn't closed. We're in boycott for about three weeks now. The story is somewhat national, when they fired the co-shareholder/CEO for two CEO who have a background of not running grocery story chains, but for 'busting up' grocery chains (selling off/closing stores) and retrieving golden parachutes in the process.

We thought we could 'force their hand', to sell to the co-sharehold/former CEO by draining money from the store. We thought (with reason) these people listen to money and if the store is losing 10 million a day, and reduce sales by 90% they would listen to the customer.  We want a real CEO who want to run a profitable grocery store, not a private equity firm or a megachain that would close stores and treat workers poorly.

Well... apparent the hatred between the two sides of the shareholders is so great, the other won't sell for fair value. BTW we're not talking millionaires. We're talking billionaires here.

3.  So while we do have a BJs membership, we still used Market Basket and instead of being able to get milk in walking distance. I can either drive to BJs which is 20 minutes or deal with the chaos of other supermarkets in the area, because EVERYONE is participating the boycott.

What would happen if you couldn't shop at your supermarket?

4. It has been a slow summer of posting. The kids are home and I haven't been sleeping well.Really, it is because of the 'taboo' subject matter I usually post on and have been posting on for over a decade. Yeah, no one is going to behead me, but the strangeness that expressing the importance of family structure is somehow 'intolerance' or 'hatred'. It is amazing how PR really works to destroy someone. 

5. So far I've survived the gauntlet.

6. Still you find  a news article on the subject. "Why the decline in marriage among first-time mothers matters for their children" Washington Post July 9, 2014. 

7. Jen loves Banana suits! Here is one at a Market Basket rally!  

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Answer Me This

Currently in Lowell we are in a customer/employee rebellion with the Board of Directors of Market Basket. Not sure if the protest/boycott/rallies have been going national.
Saw the writing on the wall when they ousted Artie T. that corporate raiders would plunder and pillage the grocery for pure profit without any care for the community (hello, their customers).
1. What’s your favorite thing on YouTube?
I have not used YouTube that much, but my kids watch StampyCat. He does the MineCraft videos.
2. Who taught you to drive?
My parents, but not well. At 13 my brother died in a car accident. They should of let me drive a lot more with my permit.
3. What’s your favorite thing to cook?
Anything in a slow cooker.
4. Are you a hugger or a non-hugger? Why?
Non-hugger, except with my own kids. Wish I was, so jealous of huggers growing up.
5. Where do you pray best?
Alone and anywhere.
6. When is the last time you saw/spoke to your grandparents?
A few days before my grandmother passed away in January.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Answer Me This from Catholic All Year

More answers over at Catholic All Year

1. What’s something you've won and how did you win it?
A basket of wine, when I signed up to be bone marrow donor. It was the item with the least about of raffle tickets in the jar, and instead of going to the popular Red Sox Tickets.  I had a better odds of winning. I do this at raffles and pick the least popular item. 

2. Do you save old greeting cards and letters, or throw them all away? Why?
Only from my husband. I do have all of our wedding/baptismal cards. A lot gets tossed, unless it is a hand written letter. 

3. When you’re at home, do you wear shoes, socks, slippers, or go barefoot?

4. Who’s the most famous person you have ever met? 
Politicians. Sen John McCain in 1999 and our current  Governor Deval Patrick

5. What has been your best work of art?
I can't draw a triangle and flunked handwriting in 4th grade. 

6.  What’s your strongest sense? 
I don't have a superior sense, in any of the five sense. I would say hearing. I never failed a hearing test. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

7QT Thoughts of Having #4 ""Are you out of your mind?""

 This is a Decade in Blogging series from my old blogs. This Quick Takes originate from six years ago, not as quick takes!

Remind you that #4 is now six years old! 

1.Wednesday, July 23, 2008
Whenever you visit someone, to them it's a small party of six guests.

2. Saturday, July 26, 2008
Nobody has giving me a lecture I'm destroying the environment or using up all the world's resource... so far.

3. Monday, July 28, 2008

Consider myself lectured, that I have too many children.

Population Policy Needed In Order To Combat Climate Change, Experts Argue

4. Sunday, August 03, 2008

Forgetting the pain when becoming a mother

Was out in public today with the new baby, anyone who was a mom commented how 'they wanted another', it is amazing how women can completely forget the stresses of labor when looking at a infant. 

5. Thursday, September 18, 2008

"Stay Up Late" by the Talking Heads

Too many people lately commenting on the size of my family. This song cheers me up. For parents children have costs and sacrifices, but to brothers and sisters siblings are free! 

6. Monday, December 29, 2008

Well, I guess I'm different.

Something about birth is personal between baby, mother, and father. With my birth only my husband was present and when I was ready people visited slowly. By the fourth baby came around though no one was interested toimmediately see the baby, which really didn't bother us.

Every time I'm in the hospital to birth, I see multiple upon multiple of unessential visitors. That's right unessential, I'm a meanie I guess I don't think grandparents, aunt's and uncles, even new aunts and uncles, and cousins should visit mother and baby in the hospital. They can wait until mother is settles at home. 

7. Monday, December 29, 2008

"Are you out of your mind?"

The above quote was said to my husband and I of all places BJs where you buy in bulk in response to the size of our family. While the next day at Mass, someone said we were so lucky to have more then two. 

Friday, July 11, 2014

7QT "A magic moment for unwed parents"

7QT More Seven Quick Takes at Jen's Conversion Diary...

 Quick Take on unwed parents is #7

1. So here I sit here in Massachusetts under one party rule, what is practiced and what is preached are two different things. Politicians say things to feed the lobbyist desires, meanwhile the rest of us are concerned with public policy and at times there is conflict.

2Yeah, it's chaos. Officially.

Sometimes you can't ignore it, but don't succumb to it either.

3. Marriage decline and the public policy chaos.
You can search numerous scholarly online articles about the decline of marriage over the past three decades, but it you search in general terms of marriage decline you will no longer see articles on public policy. All we get is just insanity on social media mocking marriage.
4. The high maintenance cost of sexual liberation
My newly divorced 31-year-old self was on the pill so I didn't even consider asking a man to wear a condom. Then, after I'd been single for about six months I saw a report on the news about the rise in cases of herpes. I was surprised and frustrated.

I assume when she is referencing herself at the age of 31, it is the early/mid 1980s. We carry the burdens of such thinking. 

5. I never understood how our dependence on contraception is so blind. There has been numerous mainstream media reports and fertility apps on smartphones are great.

Birth control may affect long-term relationships via CNN April 2012 

So it may not be as much the issue of going off birth control as it going on it in the first place. Sexual health expert Dr. Madeleine Castellanos cautions women to think carefully about their choice of contraceptive: "Some of these side effects are so serious that I now urge young women to consider just using condoms and leaving the birth control pills behind."
6. I update my sidebar, for some reason there has been an uptick on my cross posts from Opine.  

7.  A 'magic moment' for unwed parents: Best time in child's life for unwed parents to marry -- ScienceDaily
"The odds improve somewhat when mothers marry their child's biological father, Gibson-Davis said. After 10 years, 38 percent of post-conception marriages involving biological parents had dissolved. In the same period of time, 54 percent of marriages to a stepfather had ended. Those findings held true across racial lines."

How interesting in social media we are constantly being told that marriage has little to do with a child having their mother and father parent under one roof, but there are studies on it's importance whenever there is a healthy relationship between the two.