Monday, May 18, 2015

7QT Watching an Awards Show with your Teenager

More Quick Takes at This Isn't The Lyceum

1. I allowed my oldest to watch the first 90 minutes BillBoard Music Awards. She wasn't impressed. Aging rock & roll band from the 80s. Bad jokes and sexual innuendo. Lots of advertising for products for Samsung and Las Vegas tourism. Awkward moment when One Direction missing one of their members. I was in and out of the room watching it with her.

2. Hozier gives my daughter the creeps.  

You know that "Take Me to Church" guy I couldn't figure out the lyrics when it was constantly played on the radio.

The problem is that Hozier knows better. Why should I make this assumption? He attended Catholic School in Ireland. But then maybe not, because it was an expensive elite school. 

"St. Gerard's is considered one of Ireland's most prestigious and expensive fee-paying second-level institutions and many of it current students and alumni are members of Ireland's wealthiest families. Famous parents of past pupils include:Chris de BurghPhil Coulter and Colin Montgomerie. The school has also been responsible for educating members of the Spanish Royal Family"

Very sad the founder of the school was a Catholic convert.

3. Hozier is contracted with the largest recording label in the world. 

That is Universal Music Group. It is a conglomerate that gets passed around/merged by the 1%. I can't even keep track of who owns it according to Wikipedia.

Apparently the "Take Me the Church" song is about sex outside of the conjugal act, specifically homosexual acts..

Hozier goes on and on about how sex is natural, but then shouldn't he be writing a song about Natural Family Planning then?

4. For the record. Sexual orientation isn't a sin in the Church. Being gay isn't a sin,

Do I have to repeat that?

The Church doesn't dwell on homosexual acts in its teaching.  It does acknowledge that sexual acts that are closed to the openess to life are contrary to natural law. That includes both hetrero and homosexual acts.

 Read the Catechism. It's the secular world that is obsessed.

5. I'm done with the 'cut out' style of dress. This was the 'safest' one I could show you.

6. Norse style same-sex weddings are now popular, yet Norse pagan culture didn't accept homosexualty....

7. Instapundit had a discussion over the retracted study that speaking with someone who is gay can change your view on marriage within minutes...


"After seeing what happened to Brendan Eich, Orson Scott Card and the owner of El Coyote in Los Angeles, the only question I have for anybody standing on my porch or on the phone polling me about Gay Marriage is What do you want me to say to make you go away?
Why would I tell the truth to somebody who makes a habit of ruining peoples lives if they disagree with him?"

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Fake vs. Real Catholic Families

I guess there is a buzz for Dan Savage, I wrote about him a while ago being a puppet for the 1%. I creates imagery to appease them and their anti-Catholic views. I don't want to focus on a comedy. I want to focus on our reality as Catholics.

A part of me wants to invite people to our home.

Simcha Fisher did just that.

What's It Like to Live in a Family of 12?

The average American family has fewer than two children. To some, any more than two seems extreme. But with 10 kids the Fisher family has found there’s always enough love to go around.

Go ahead read the link. 

7QT I flipped a table over marriage

More Quick Takes on This Aint The Lyceum

1. I snapped openly on Facebook.

I can't embed the video on Obama and Fathers. But here is the link. 

2. The question isn't that two people of the same sex can raise a child just as well as a biological mother and father, the question is what happened to the biological mother and father why are they not loving their child. If anyone wants to challenge that assertion that it doesn't matter, read this.  Raised by two moms, who divorced, Learned sperm donor was her uncle, but her uncle (father) refuses to even acknowledge her as his daughter, who meanwhile dotes over his 'real' daughters that he has with his wife but not with his sister's former lesbian partner. 

"My mother is my aunt, and my father is my uncle"

3. Cliff from the Right Side of Lowell acknowledged my anger....

"Renee--I am giving you a one decimal five on the John Mitchell Scale of political outrage and expression for that last comment."

4. My Response

"I'm so politically outraged, I gently put this table on its side."

5. I'm tired. Burnt out. It's not like I'm on social media all day. I actually care about how the family in my own community, as mentioned in the first quick take. That gives me joy. But I go online I just see the crap. The crap that goes viral. I try not get too upset with those who share it, because my frustration is with those who create the images/material. The thing is that many of these images aren't as much being pro-gay or pro-gay marriage, these images are more about misdirection flat out lying about Christian beliefs. 

6. I once mentioned on Facebook, that my child can easily access Harvard Medical School journals for her science project, yet we get most of our information from Internet Memes. How many times has there be a satirical piece, that gets passed around of truth? Anyone at any time can quickly Google what was really said or get a full context of scripture, and how many of our friends just scroll and share, scroll and share, repeat. 

7. In the strangest of ways, I was ReTweeted by a marriage equality group....

Consumer ads with logo get many RTs, actual concerns not so much.

This was that tweet.... no one else ReTweeted it despite that large exposure of 30k followers of Equality Rising.

Sharing an image of a rainbow oreo cookie is easy, actually caring about an issue whether it be the family or LGBT concerns isn't. Notice how many of marriage equality is tied to corporate America of the 1%?

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Waiting for the next landmine, as a I call out on the bullshit.

Earlier this morning on Facebook.

I remember the progressive view of marriage was this.

I call bullshit. Not out on gay people. Nope. I call bullshit on those who berate marriage defenders. I call bullshit on lobbyists, celebrities, and the 1%. I struggle with calling bullshit in those who consistently share, post, and rant for gay marriage on social media. There's different reasons. But I do call bullshit on the PR groups that create them.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

You will be judged solely on your views on marriage on everything

Local discussion on who will be the new Chancellor of UMass Lowell. A potential candidate rumored for the job never supported gay marriage while he held local office.  Can anyone who didn't evolve on marriage be anything? Usually I keep my loved ones out of my blog/political discussions, but saner minds need to speak up. Disagreement isnt hate or unjust discrimination.

Edited to add this...

Monday, April 27, 2015

7QT The Two Very Different Conversations on Marriage

More Quick Takes at This Ain't the Lyceum 

(my quick take on "Last Man on Earth" is #7 below)

1. The two conversations. One in the media & social media. You know. Christian bakers being fined and being labeled criminals. Or gay hotel owners who aren't allowed to have lunch with a conservative without threats of boycott.

But there's another one. The one we use to have. It still occurs in the shadows. 

2. Ten years ago. "Poverty and the Father Factor" Washington Post (August 1, 2005)

 But while marriage may not be a cure for poverty, it does turn out to be a fairly reliablepreventative . Isn't it worthwhile to spend more time and resources helping young people to understand the economic implications of single parenthood before they become single parents? Wouldn't it make sense to rethink our relatively recent easy acceptance of out-of-wedlock parenting?

3. Five Years ago "Poverty and Fatherhood" Harvard Kennedy School (Spring 2010)

The involvement of these men in their children’s lives, however, doesn’t always match their desire for fatherhood. Nelson explains that acrimonious relationships between the parents and subsequent relationships with others often complicate men’s ability to maintain involvement with their children.
4.  Last Year "To Break Cycyle of Poverty, Teaching Mom & Dad to Get Along (NPR July 8, 2014

"A long list of research has explained such choices by citing the depressed wages and dwindling prospects of lesser-educated men in today's globalized economy. But Jennette feels strongly that family — or at the least more supportive, stable relationships even if couples aren't together — can be life changing. And she worries that a generation raised without two parents at home doesn't know how to create that. So Community Action overhauled its approach this year."

5. This week "They do:They scholary about face on marriage" Boston Globe April 26, 2015 

"The new champions of marriage disagree on how, and even whether, to encourage marriage through public policy. Nonetheless, there is an emerging consensus around an idea that would have sounded retrograde just a few decades ago: that having married parents is best for children’s well-being, that marriage is beneficial for parents’ psychological and economic stability, and that it should be a priority in public policy."

Image from Boston Globe story.

6. Notice the sources of these reports? Not necessarily conservative outlets. One conversation for the media and entertainement, and another for public policy and reality.

7. And lastly I'm a big fan of Fox's Last Man on Earth 

As in "Not if you were the last man on Earth" 

Think Gilligan's Island but the characters try to form sexual relationships. It's a comedy. Marriage as an committed institution, didn't last three weeks as a storyline for Carol and Phil#1 (Tandy) . Considering they only knew each other for days and people started to show up.  The other couple just hooked up, didn't last either when the Todd told Melissa he loved her. Tandy and Todd are now extremely envious of Dream Date  #Phil2, who now has four women pawing all over him. 

It's a comedy. The type of show you could write a college paper on. Extremely cringe-worthy awkward, especially the bedroom scenes. Not because of the sexual content, there's none. But the sexual euphemisms are beyond hysterical. I don't know how the actors keeps a straight face. 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

2.4 million likes for the traditional family

Well, for this one.

Guess what? We're all really pro-family. Despite what the media elites want you to believe.